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What Is The Right Method Of Optimising Report Generation In Quickbooks?

 Posted by quickbook Support on Sep 26, 2018

Quickbooks is the breath of fresh air into the accounting sector. It has been revolutionary to achieve and make software which resolves vast accounting needs ad requirement for both corporate and personal reasons. The QuickReport is one of the newest features which are much more powerful than before. With this, you can generate report from list, invoices and bills with names of people or items on them, and from account registers. How to optimize this feature and get all the benefits out of it?

QuickReports also lets you check on payables, receivables, account balances, reminders and see trends in income and expenses all in one place. Quickbooks Support strongly feels that everyone should own the software because it takes a lot of hardwork to earn money, thus, it should be kept safely.

The Right Method To Optimize Quickreports:

  • Enter and Pay Your Expenses: Go to the Plus Sign Menu followed by Vendors and choose Bill. This will let you enter into the process and pay your expenses.
  • Choose The Supplier: Choose the supplier that has sent you the bill. If the supplier is new into your account, you can add them now. Click Save and it will save the supplier’s name. Now, you can go to the supplier’s page and enter additional information later.
  • Enter Category by choosing from the category from the Account drop down menu. Then add the amount for this bill. In case, you are entering a new bill, click Save and New. If the details are old, choose Save and Close.

  • Pay The Bill Using Cheque: You can wait for the bill to record in QuickBooks and then pay it. In that case, you can enter the cheque number, if you have already used one to pay the bill.
  • Record an Expense: Ensure whether the Expense form is recorded in your Intuit application. Also make sure to notice whether you have finished the payment using debit card, credit card or electronic funds transfer.
  • Sign Into Your Bank: It is very crucial to connect to your bank while setting up QuickBooks. Now, you get the option to do it. Once your credentials are entered, the software takes you through the process of connecting your accounts.
  • Review Your Expenses: Once the application downloads your transactions, you have to review and categorize your expenses. Now, go to Profit > Loss section > click Review transactions.

These are some of the most important ways to get your Quickreports. So, next time you want information about your account related issues, go to QuickBooks directly to get your answers. For any further issue in the software, you can consult our Quickbooks Support Number +1-855-253-4222. We are always available for your service 24*7 and with complete enthusiasm.

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